Case Study No. 1


Wild Fruit Introduces Indian Craftsmanship on Europe’s Biggest Design Stage


When Direct Create - India’s first digital creative platform connecting local artisans to a network of designers and buyers from around the world to collaborate and co-create handcrafted products - were ready to expand into the global market, they called on Wild Fruit to develop their brand story. 





Direct Create knew they had a unique product, but they needed help crafting a singular narrative that captured the heart of the brand. With several core components, they had difficulty articulating their business model to partners and investors in a way that was both enticing and easy-to-understand.

Introducing the brand at Milan Design Week was a fantastic marketing opportunity. The challenge? MDW was just three short weeks away.




We needed to establish a distinct tone of voice and develop language to interpret the brand for their target audience. Their overarching mission was to showcase the beauty and elegance of handmade crafts while smashing the dusty perception associated with the trade. We crafted a new TOV that spoke to this driving principle, while highlighting the ingenuity of their platform that merges technology with artisanal design.



We developed and wrote a 67-page printed handbook to serve as a beautiful new marketing tool. Weaving in the core brand messaging with impactful visuals, the handbook was Direct Create’s first official presentation to the world stage.

Next, we created content for a new 16-screen website that would serve as a dedicated online destination to drive engagement and capture leads at Milan Design Week.

Finally, we outlined a cadence of communication for a series of social media posts and email marketing content pieces that were used to engage their target audience before, during and following MDW.




Armed with the right materials, resources and contacts to support their integration into the European market, Direct Create was able to showcase their platform in a way that gave voice to the brand and captivated their audience during the world’s biggest design event. 

The brand generated considerable interest from MDW attendees, even getting recognized with a 2019 HOMI Asia Design Award nomination. By the end of the week, the sales team received nearly 500 new leads, several orders and many enquires for future projects.



Wild Fruit met a challenging deadline - producing a large volume of quality content in a matter of weeks - in order to allow Direct Create to take their place at the design capital of the world. What resulted was a journey across India captured through effective storytelling; a celebration of the exquisitely diverse craftsmanship for which the country is known, beautifully packaged and presented to a new global audience.